How to get ancient technology points polyword


Ancient technology points, or ATP, are essential for advancing in Palworld since they let you create strong products and access cutting-edge technologies. This is a thorough instruction that will show you how to get ATP in Palworld quickly:

Treasure Hunting and Game World Exploration: These two activities are the main ways to find treasure in the game world and earn ATP. Look for hidden spots, dungeons, and old ruins where ATP-rich treasures and artifacts may be discovered. These regions can offer significant ATP prizes, but they frequently require you to solve riddles or defeat tough opponents.

Reaching Goals and Objectives: Palworld provides a variety of goals and objectives that, when accomplished, grant you ATP. These quests could require you to deliver goods to NPCs, collect rare minerals, or battle particular enemies. Always give quest completion top priority because it yields important resources for crafting and upgrading in addition to ATP.

agricultural and Resource Acquisition: A few types of agricultural and resource acquisition endeavors can also produce ATP. Cultivating uncommon plants or extracting unique minerals, for instance, may reveal historical relics that raise your ATP level. Creating effective farming paths and regularly gathering materials will let you gradually build up more ATP over time.

Trading & Market Activities: Trading with NPCs or other players in Polyword might occasionally yield ATP. Pay attention to the in-game markets where products with high ATP can be purchased or sold. Trading can help you obtain certain ATP goods required for your technical developments in addition to diversifying your sources of cash.

Taking Part in Events and Challenges: When gamers successfully complete special events and challenges, developers frequently award them with ATP. Seasonal activities, scheduled quests, and community-driven tournaments are a few examples of these events. To increase your ATP profits during these events, keep up with the announcements made by the game and take part in the activity.


Polyword rewards ancient technology points (ATP) through exploration, mission fulfillment, resource collecting, trading, and event participation. Through a variety of activities and proactive gaming, you can effectively accumulate ATP to unlock cutting-edge technology, construct potent items, and advance through the thrilling game world. To get the most out of your Palworld experience, keep exploring, finishing tasks, and interacting with the community!

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